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Corporate video is the production of a video by a company, corporation or organisation. The potential uses and applications are very wide; with most using it mainly to market their brand or product in the very crowded internet which is often considered its main moto of it. However, it has so much more possibilities and can be used in all areas of your organisation, often with applications you never thought existed. From training videos to events and live streaming; the uses are endless. As video becomes a more essential part of a company’s communication stratagem, often companies will release corporate videos with press release declarations, newsletters and other forms of statement to bolster the message reach and efficiency.
A corporate video can be made in so many ways. Here are top 25 Corporate videos we have created for our clients. In the examples, we have shown these videos can be created with stock footage, typography, photo animations and complete video production.
Let’s find out:

1 . Scaffolding Security Company Video Promo

Faction HSG Is a Health and Safety consultancy with over 15 years of experience. Our mission is to help your business to stay compliant through all the seemingly never-ending rules and regulations of Health and Safety.  Our hugely experienced consultants are here to help and protect you and your team – we can boost your business credentials too. We’ll do we what do best and take the confusion out of Health and Safety allowing you to focus your time and what you do best. We’re Friendly, straight-talking and on your side and most importantly we care about helping your business. We have a broad range of experience across many industries — we’d like to get to know and help your business too. Some of the many industries we provide Health & Safety for:

  • Building , Trades , Scaffolding , Management , Engineers , Mining , Logistics , Renewable Energy , IT Management , IT Hardware , Electricians , Transport , Residential Care , Commercial Cleaning .

We understand that often, employing someone to look after your health and safety compliance may not be a cost-effective option for your business. Faction Health and Safety Group can help turning a business cost into an asset with our realistic and competitive pricing.

2 . Trading Forex Indices Stock Investment Super Promo Video & Commercial

Platinum Forex Blog contains the latest forex tips and tricks .By using it you can start your journey in currency trading. Misleading forex webinars from non-professional forex traders can confuse a lot of FX traders on which forex trading strategies to use.Using their trading blogs, you can get up to date news, top FX trading indicators, technical analysis and the latest FX charts . They have over 45 years of trading experience. From their top financial trading professionals you will get currency forecasts .Their Free online Forex Trading Course enables you to learn to trade without going to expensive seminars or webinars. By following free forex signals a new forex trader can easily fall in the trap of visiting FX forums or learning to trade. One of the main reasons they write their blogs is to introduce trading strategies, free forex education, and trading setups for both short term and long-term trading while also making fundamental analysis easy for their subscribers.

3 . 2019 Best Leadership Development Web & Social Media Video

The long-term plan of GENESIS1 is to partner with its clientele for a continuous and on-going training program that ultimately results in a more cohesive, unified working atmosphere and a more proficient team to successfully carry out the plans and programs of the client association. GENESIS1 aims to be the organization of choice when the need for Leadership Training and Teambuilding Programs are required.

4 . 2019 Best Safety & security Investment Web & Social Media Video

Ronin Elite Security members have been proposing close protection services (VIP security) since 2000, provided that protection services to many politicians, businessmen, celebrities and sportsmen. Safety and security have now become buzzwords for society, marking the top of the program of politicians, businesses and many other actors worldwide. Modern times and clients require more than just ordinary untrained bulky “Bodyguard”. A person providing personal security services has to be highly qualified, constantly improving through training, with enough experience to react discreetly and protect the client in any situation.

5 . 2019 Best Digital Marketing Web & Social Media Video

Chase Publishing is a multi platform media company specialising in print, digital media and video production. Over the last decade the company has become a trusted entity across all markets, whose products have educated and informed across a wide and diverse range of Industry sectors. Chase Publishing also manage video interviews with business leaders and identity across a wide range of industries. These interviews can be conducted at their media rooms in central London, or can be put together on location wherever required.

6 . 2019 Best Artificial Investment Web & Social Media Video

Aquila Equity offers low risk sports trading using Signal based Algorithms.They are the biggest Sports Trading Company in the UK. Over the past 10 years we have been developing a system to correctly calculate true odds in different sports to allow our clients to experience a low risk, high reward scenario. They have been showing clients an average return of 3.3% per month for the last 7 years . Aquila Equity’s systems uses true odds, By true odds we mean odds that most accurately reflect real-time probability of an outcome. Their SBS based system compares the odds from our system to that of over 100 bookmakers, our system then looks for deviations in price and exploits them allowing our clients to profit from the mispricing.

7 . 2019 Best Asset Investment Web & Social Media Video

Dennis Hall continues to lead the way by constructing upscale homes for the preferential buyer. He has built a reputation as one of the top builders in the Tulsa area. Hall has created fine living environments for more than 30 years. You will recognize a Hall home when you see one, they are all unique and constructed with uncompromising attention to detail. In a Hall home, texture, color, and form all combine to create a warm and engaging environment. Interior views blend with exterior landscape to generate an atmosphere that feels established and refined.

8 . 2019 Best Sports Investment Web & Social Media Video

Sports trading company the Atlantic Sport Exchange, have just announced record profits for the first quarter of 2018. The software based investment company have experienced unprecedented growth over the past 18 months and it shows no sign of slowing down. Sports trading means boosting and laying sports betting odds for a profit before the event comes to an end. Boosting is the same with betting. Laying is bookmaking, which stands for offering odds to bettors and companies such as Australian based Priomha Capital and Atlantic Sport have slowly been gaining market share in the alternative investment market due to their patented trading algorithms that allow clients to benefit from sporting events around the globe.

9 . 2019 Classy Commercial for Web & Social Media

Foreign exchange specialists like Vorto can maximise the value of your overseas money transfers as their core focus is specialising in currency exchange. The technology provided to you using Vorto’s trading solution is second to none for both ease of use, speed and transparency. Vorto’s technology platform and access to our mobile app means you have all the tools at your fingertips to understand, manage and track your transactions anytime. Your designated trader will also be on hand to guide you through the process and work with you every step of the way. Banks often generate healthy profits on foreign exchange by charging customers high fees to make international payments as international transfer isn’t necessarily part of their core business model.

10 . Best Security Mobile App Web Commercial

YOUR PRIVACY IS YOUR RIGHT  TIME TO TAKE CONTROL OF IT . Siccura is a simple software .It is very simple to use. It puts total control of your personal data and communications into your hands. With the solution, you can take control of everything you send, store and share. The solution was developed on the idea that data should be protected from the moment it is created. An unbelievably easy to use solution that gives you complete security to communications and data stored on existing email platforms and cloud loading accounts.

11 . Make Your Stone Industry Marble Commercial Video

GeeBomBaa – The Virtual Stone Warehouse is a 22 years of dream with 8 years of continuous creation and development of Founder by Mr GMS Kumar and Co-Founded by Mrs Lisha. will be set-up to bridge the gap between buyer and seller to facilitate the smooth operation in procurement & sales of stone materials through online. The first time in the stone Industry build with highly secured and traced conversation between suppliers and buyers like one to one and one to many method. GeeBomBaa also build with Inventory & Order management, Sending Quote before confirmation, legally binding system etc. The Key of GeeBomBaa portal is simple, efficient and user-friendly. To realize this they focus on a simple web interface to access fast and concise query and response time.


12 . Mobile Apps Video Commercial

A Brighton based start-up, Psydro is a user-friendly platform that has been meticulously designed to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions. After conducting extensive research into other forums, they decided to create their own information sharing community using an amalgamation of all the best bits, together with a generous helping of their own unique and forward thinking ideas. Dedicated to each and every consumer and business, our impartial service promises to deliver the same first-class service, whether you are a buyer, a sole trader or an international corporation. They also offer rewards in the form of prizes or experiences to consumers who regularly use the platform.

13 . Travel Company Video Commercial

Whether you are have a blog or own a website, or you are an individual entrepreneur, Rehlat can help you take your business to new heights. Rehlat affiliation allows you to monetize the traffic. They work with businesses like yours to boost revenues and increase customer loyalty. They offer customizable solution for your business to ease integration and also provide enterprise class business-to-business support. They are passionate travellers here at Rehlat. Fueled by wanderlust, they are on a mission to make it easy and painless for people to go anywhere in the world. Starting by creating the simplest, most seamless travel planning and management experience in the Middle East, they are on a quest to continue removing barriers to travel, here at home and abroad.

14 . Web Application promo video

Pro<DOC/> is in a class by itself and this is no coincidence. Check-out the various innovations that it embeds ‐ and even some inventions. The Pro<DOC/> Hybrid DB engine is an example ‐ it raises the industry bar on intelligent data management. Driven by a passion to bring automation to software development, Rightangle Technologies’ journey started in 2003 with a belief in first principles and no respect for status-quo. Pro<DOC/> is a result of years of research, learning, experimentation, building-rebuilding, tuning and optimization.

15 . Body & Skin Care Product Promotional

Natural living supplies have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colors and images of our products that appear at the store. They cannot guarantee that your computer monitor’s display of any color will be accurate. They reserve the right, but are not obligated, to limit the sales of our products or Services to any person, geographic region or jurisdiction. They may exercise this right on a case-by-case basis. They reserve the right to limit the quantities of any products or services that they offer. They can change all descriptions of products or product pricing without any notice at anytime. They reserve the right to discontinue any product at any time .

16 . College University Commercial Video

Maarifa’s fully air-conditioned classrooms are equipped with high-end projectors and tablet devices as well as comfortable seating for students. Maarifa College offers five different categories of scholarships with tuition fee discounts ranging from 50-100% for top students. Dr. Asher Rana and Dr. Kanzul Iman Rana, both holding MBBS degrees will lead the Biology & Chemistry departments whereas Dr. Faisal Rana, holding PhD degree from University of Oxford, will spearhead the Physics and Mathematics department at Marrifa College Sahiwal.

17 . Video Converting Tool Software iMedia

iSkysoft iMedia  is a Converter Deluxe . It is a Windows based application for Windows . This application can convert video files from one format to another. The application supports  users to convert video files from one format to another . It also allows several different video file types . Converted video files preserve their unique quality and size, allowing users to use files on almost any device. iSkysoft, is a leading brand of smart software solutions . It is unique for customer satisfaction and loyalty. They keep providing multilingual interaction services for users from over 230 countries and regions around the world and continually spread our enthusiasm to every corner of the world by business expansion. They aim to provide more than 100 million great users with easy-to-use utility tools and devote ourselves in offering our customers an ultimate option to better experience digital life.

18 . Experts Business Consultancy IBA

International Business Associates (IBA) is a full service business trading firm .IBA is specialized in the facilitation and negotiation of aggregate and sale transactions involving privately held companies and family owned businesses in the Pacific Northwest. IBA has built a locally unparalleled track record for performance by completing over 4000 transactions involving companies in almost every industry in the business community. IBA established in 1975 . IBA’s relationship with each and every client starts with confidentiality. The selling or buying a business, are in negotiations related to the sale or purchase of a business. This is their solemn pledge to you and it has been the foundation of our representation for approximately 45 years.

19 . Healthcare video commercial

After several years in development, EZ4Ucare has launched its healthcare provider services with initial coverage in the states of Illinois and Missouri. EZ4Ucare is a part of the rapidly expanding $30 billion telehealth industry that is addressing two of the fundamental weaknesses in the current healthcare system: 1.) convenient access and 2.) affordability. Since launching EZ4Ucare, the firm is finding success in working with small business owners that under the current terms of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are bound to provide healthcare coverage for their employees. Although EZ4Ucare as a subscription service does not cover all an individual’s needs with respect to medical care, the service effectively addresses over 70% of the most common health ailments such as asthma, bladder infections, cold & flu, ear aches, allergies, bronchitis, migraines, eye infections, etc. For employers, EZ4Ucare provides another layer of healthcare for employees that can save the employer and the employee hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in lost productivity because of employee time away from work to visit an Emergency Room (ER) or Urgent Care facility to address a common health ailment.

20 . Best Shipping Commercial Video

Truckload shipping is the movement of large amounts of uniform cargo . A truckload carrier is a trucking company that usually deals a complete trailer-load to a single customer. Mainly three types of truckload shipment are used. They are Dry van, flatbed, and refrigerated. When the entire trailer is full, full truckload should be selected. For large shipments this is ideal. Selecting full truckload will be cost effective compared to LTL, when the weight is high. Full truckload freight is very fast as it is sent to the chosen destination directly. This is how the transit time is very less. For unit loads freight is usually loaded onto pallets . Sturdy shipping containers such as creats or undulating fiberboard boxes are usually used. Carriers have published tax that provide some guidance for packaging. Packaging engineers design and test packaging to meet the specific needs of the arrangement system and the product being shipped.

21 . Led Polaris Light Commercial Video

Polaris Light develops, produces and markets professional lighting solutions with a strong focus on energy savings i.e. high Lumen/Watt. They custom build each fitting specifically to each project, in order to ensure that we provide the optimal solutions every time. Their industrial led lights feature the highest spec components available from Japan, EU and Taiwan:

  • Three leading supplier of LED chips in the world , LED chips from Nichia, CREE and Phillips .
  • Warranties of 5 years,top quality drivers from Meanwell (Taiwan) or Phillips (EU.

These are the best quality components available .These ensures that you receive the most durable led lights on the market. The company has its own Quality Assurance team and all of their luminaires are age tested for 48 hours and feature 5 year warranty.

22 . Data Engineering commercial video

Ardent learnt the hard way, we were once a start-up in London trying to grow from scratch, they know how difficult it is. Ardent is an international company .It has multi-discipline teams in three continents, developing technology for some of the worlds’ biggest businesses and supporting innovative startup teams get their feet on the ladder of success. They have not forgotten out roots, it is our experience of building a business that now helps all our clients from startups and beyond to get to the source of their barriers to growth, they help them find the best technology solutions and support them through the whole process and beyond. Many of their clients see Ardent as their very own out-of-house technology development team!

23 . ADDICNET Cloud solution commercial video

ADDICNET are Cloud Computing,EFSS and e-Commerce solution experts.A Platform for
Enterprise, SMB’s,CTO’s, Developers and Agencies. Vision– Pioneers in Cloud Computing and Enterprise File Sync and Share business alteration in Africa. Mission –To be best in delivering excellence and innovation in Cloud Computing and Enterprise File Sync and Share focused solutions to our business partners. Value Proposition– Provide only premium solutions that amusement our business partners.This timeless value guides our business culture. They strongly believe authentic customer service should be a culture and not a department, every team member is customer centric. There is no customer service department. . ADDICNET  are not just another tech company, they are fascinated by only details in innovation and excellence. It’s worth getting it done right.

24 . Top rental property seller video


Kaybridge Residential was established with one aim in mind, to put the client at the centre of our business. They wanted to do things differently after becoming frustrated with the general lack of accountability, integrity and professionalism in the industry. Run and led by exceptional estate agents with a wealth of experience and success, they have continued to evolve into a well-renowned network and established our self as the ‘go to’ agent locally. In 2018, growth continues as we branch out into the Market Towns of Stoneleigh, Epsom, our knowledgeable, local teams are best-placed to understand market conditions, trends, true property values and importantly, the value of the customer. They know every home is unique. Luckily they are a unique sort of estate agent. They believe they have the best teams within our branch, meaning they can find property solutions quicker than anyone out there.

25 . Best Innovative Product Design 2018 | Kickstarter Project

An Innovative Visionary Technology Consulting Arm of Your Business.

Aura Innovative Technology is a master in the industry with a proven track record of magnificently deployed innovative solutions. With hands-on experience using Microsoft and AWS tools, a multitude of AMS integrations including our own branded eStore, our portfolio reflects 12 years of commitment and success. Aura is the future generation of home monitoring with WiFi Motion detection. Aura is more accurate and dependable than traditional motion sensors,because Aura uses wireless signals and machine learning to detect and interpret motion . Use Aura to monitor your home, know when motion occurs , get notified when members come and go, and receive alerts via the Aura App, if motion occurs while you’re away. By totaling Aura WiFi Motion to your Smart Home Monitoring ecosystem, you supplement other devices such as cameras, doorbells and door locks. With Aura, now you have true whole home coverage with technology that can “see” through walls. To make your home smarter and savvier integrate your smart devices. Aura knows when motion happens, and uses this information to automate your smart home devices. Life is easier when everything works together.

To be successful and grow your business and revenues you must have a  video of your product . The aim of corporate video marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself . By a video you can do better design . The less you explain ,the better you design . Video is the silent ambassador of of your brand . At last video makes it simple but significant.